European Symposia on Algorithms

General information

The Symposium covers research in efficient algorithms and data structures in computer science, discrete applied mathematics, operations research and mathematical programming. Starting from 2002, the symposium has two tracks:

  • Design and Analysis Track

    Design and mathematical analysis of algorithms
  • Engineering and Application Track

    Real-world applications, engineering and experimental analysis of algorithms

The creation of two tracks in ESA follows the incorporation of the annual Workshop on Algorithm Engineering (WAE) into ESA.

Each track has its own program committee. Papers are submitted to a particular track, but the committees have the right to move papers between tracks.

In 2014 the ESA community decided to start an ESA Test-of-Time Award to recognize paper(s) from ESA Proceedings from 19-21 years afore.


  • ESA Test-of-Time Award 2016 goes to

    Boris V. Cherkassky, Andrew V. Goldberg:
    Negative-cycle detection algorithms
    Proceedings ESA'96, also in: Mathematical Programming 85:2 (1999) 277-311

    The paper by Cherkassky and Goldberg deals with the problem of finding a negative-length cycle in a network or proving that there is none. Algorithms for this are a combination of a shortest-path algorithm and a negative-cycle detection strategy. The authors analyse known algorithms and some new ones and determine the best combinations. Novel instance generators are used in this study. The paper is a model experimental paper in algorithms.

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